Constance Higley

food stylist + film photographer

I'm Constance and I'm a food stylist and film photographer based out of Phoenix and Chicago. Food, gatherings, and storytelling have always been such meaningful aspects of my life. Growing up, the dinner table was the pinnacle of everything in our home. It was this sacred space where life slowed down, and there was suddenly space to sit, relax, laugh, and simply enjoy each other. Almost as if everything else in life merely existed to make that part of the day possible. I’m a firm believer that breaking bread together is one of the most impactful and community building experiences, and I’ve been so inspired by the way that that practice constantly transcends not only generations, but culture. I believe that the stories told around the table, the stories of the people at the table, and the stories of the people who created that experience are of utmost importance. It’s my hope to be able to document the farmers, the makers, the cooks and the guests, and to celebrate the beauty in those moments. 

Commissions and services include the following:



Creative Direction

I aim to cater to each client's specific vision to create a cohesive and effectual campaign. Services and rates are dependent upon the scope and aim of the project. I would love to hear about your project and vision!

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